2019: Isaac Ejire Emerges Accord Party RSHA Candidate

Prince Isaac Oluka Ejire, son of late King S.O. Ejire has emerged candidate of Accord Party for Rivers State House of Assembly in the 2019 elections in Eleme Local Government Area. 

Prince Isaac Oluka, former member of the All Progressives Congress, APC in Eleme defected to the Accord party following his selection by his new party’s flagbearer for the Rivers State House of Assembly elections in 2019.

In an interview, Prince Isaac Oluka Ejire disclosed further reasons he defected from APC to Accord. His words: “It is about visions and dreams. If a party has a better platform and offering for the people and you have capacity, you can move to that party in order to deliver the dividends of democracy to your people. If you have the capacity and you see that there is a better platform where you can express these views, nothing stops you from moving from one party to another. The electoral act permits people to defect from one party to another”, he stated.

Commenting on his programmes and manifesto for Eleme people that should warrant inspire people’s support and votes for him, he said: “First of all, I present myself to Eleme people because there is a need for proper representation of Eleme people. Eleme have come a long way. They have suffered internal crises to external crises to threat from neighbours. Even our identity and our very existence are threatened. I am going to give representation a meaning and Eleme people voice would be heard on the floor of the Assembly. It is not going to be business as usual. I want to breach the gap between leadership and followership. I want a system where I will be accessible to people. It is important for power to be in the hand of the electorates. We must choose someone that will listen to the problems and yearnings of Eleme people and I am the right person. Somebody who has displayed capacity like myself, I have been in authority and I understand the needs and yearnings of Eleme people and I pledge that by the grace of God and honour, I have come to make change and bring liberation to Eleme people”, he stated.

On what he intends to achieve for the Eleme people when elected, he said: “I won’t want to make promises. This is the problem with the system. People make promises that they cannot fulfill and flank foundation that doesn’t last for two years. Over the years, I have reached out to the youths of Eleme. I have relationship with almost everybody in Eleme, I don’t have enemies and I don’t look for trouble. I think it is high time we choose somebody that is close to the people, who would be close to the people and who would know their problems and address them squarely. I assure Eleme people that as a legislature, what legislative business would be is what I stand for. I will make sure that what is due to us comes to us. Whatever that needs to be done, we will do it together with all stakeholders on board. I will not make promises that I will build schools, churches, etc., because the truth is there is nothing like that there. As a legislature, you are limited to what you can do”, he revealed.

On how sure he is that his party would win the 2019 election and deliver him, he said: “This is politics as you know and power is in the hands of the electorates. Following my entrance into the race, you can see the acceptability, you can see how far we have gone and how people are rallying around me, you can see the expectation of people, the hopes are high. This is divine because we have come into the party, we have been cleared by INEC and because God is with us we will come out victorious come 2019. We will come out not just victorious but with a landslide victory. People are tired of Godfatherism. People are tired of same old stories. People want to try something new.
“They want to see action and I know that my party, Accord Party is the best choice to offer these to the people. People are tired of the regular PDP and APC thing. Accord is offering Eleme people something new and better and that is why I am here”, he said.

On his relationship with Dumo Lulu-Briggs, the gubernatorial candidate of Accord in Rivers State, he said: “The person of Dumo Lulu-Briggs cannot be over-emphasized. He is a good man and a smart young business man and sound lawyer. He is a philanthropist and a successful Business Mugul. Dumo is the man for the job of Governor of Rivers State. He has the capacity, technical know how, contacts and everything as far as Rivers people are concerned. The candidate of Dumo is the best thing that has happened to Rivers State at the moment. He has been consulting and the consultations have comes out positive and with the way people are accepting Dumo, I am sure he will be sworn in as Governor after 2019 elections. I made no mistake when I said he is the man for the job and I can guarantee you that come 2019, Rivers people would join hands and elect Chief (Barr.) Dumo Lulu-Briggs as Governor that would lead Rivers people to the desired height”.

Prince Isaac Oluka also urged Eleme people to vote for President Muhammad Buhari which he said has been abdopted as their party’s presidential flagbearer describing him as a man that has revamped the economy of Nigeria.

Hear him: “As a Nigerian, if you understand the damage that has been done to this country and what Buhari has done to reclaim it, you will re-elect him. As a people, we owe the President to tell him thank you. He has done so well. The image of Nigerians abroad is very bad, sometimes when you carry a green passport and want to travel, they just push you aside because you are a Nigerian but today we have gotten our glory back. We can comfortably work into any country. Thanks to the anti-corruption President. Anybody who is complaining about Buhari is lazy person because you can believe with me that those who are hard working and smart working are building houses, marrying, celebrating and living well despite the alleged economic hardship. Accord has a well structured political LGA Exco in Eleme and we are millions in populations and doors are open to new members”, he concluded.

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