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Children’s Day: Shammah Organizes Bible Quiz For Schools In Eleme

As part of activities to mark this year’s Children’s Day celebration, Shammah Christian Ministry International organized a Bible Quiz Competition for students in schools in Eleme Local Government Area.

The event which attracted students from schools around Eleme was witnessed by the Eminent Archbishop, Dr. Amb. Mrs. Elizabeth Paul-Obelley JP, Founder and General Overseer of Shammah Christian Ministry Int’l, who initiated the Bible Quiz Competition as a unique way of reaching out to the upcoming generation with the Gospel of Christ.

At the end of the competition, prizes were given to the winners. Students from schools that participated in the competition attended with their teachers, friends and well-wishers who came to cheer them up.

The Bible Quiz Competition was organized to encourage the children to read and study the word of God and also be vibrant and conversant with the word of the Lord.

In the competition proper, questions were thrown to the participants, where any participant who failed to answer or answered wrongly goes back to his/her seat to await another round. Where a participant answered correctly, that participant will continue until the end of the competition but those not qualified were denied opportunities continue.

In the semi-finals, 12 participants were selected, comprising those who got up to 10points, 50points and 200points respectively, they all participated, but not all reached the finals of the competition.

The ambiance in the hall was that of mixed feelings of joy and anxiety as the competition entered the final stage with the audience anxious to know the winners of the competition. It was so emotional that some of the children who were disqualified in the competition were crying while those who qualified to the finals waited anxiously to hear the last pronouncement of the results, which the judges carefully entered to ensure objective and fair judgment.

And when finally the result were announced, Michael Emeka from School of Innovative, Alode, came 3rd with a total of 10points and was presented a cash prize of N20,000.00; Chibuzo Rejoice from Lord’s Int’l School, Agbonchia came 2nd with a total of 50 points and was also presented a cash prize of N30,000 and to everyone’s amazement, Daniel Ochiama of Community Senior Secondary School (CSS), Akpajo emerged winners of this year’s Eleme Secondary School Bible Quiz Competition clinching the overall cash prize of N50,000.00.

He received the winning prize amidst tears of joy backed with honour as his teachers, fellow students, families, friends and well-wishers came out to celebrate with him.

In an interview with Inside Eleme, Eminent Archbishop, Dr. Amb. Mrs. Elizabeth Paul-Obelley who doubles as state executive member/Leader, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Rivers South East Senatorial District gave a motherly advice to the children and also the winners of the competition.

Her words: “My advice for them is to be filled with the fear of God and walk in the fear of God, shun evil, abide on the culture of patriotism and then be very God fearing, shun cultism, shun drugs abuse, shun all the vices that are trending among the youths and be law abiding. “To the parents, the Bible admonishes us to train up our children in the way they should go and when they grow up, they’ll not depart from it. I found out that parents are abandoning their duties to teachers, believing that teachers should be the ones to do so, not knowing that they should be the ones to do the initial work.

“Even when the children are back from school, they should teach them the way of the lord and correct them, tell them to walk in integrity and uprightness. In school, that should be upheld and parents should be responsible to bring down their eyes and look into the affairs of their children, especially this age of Computer-Global-Village which almost child of even young age are all conversant with the use of the mobile phone and the internet.

“The parents should teach their children to be respectful and then on how to walk in the way of the lord, if that is done, the society will be a better place to live because the families are the basic units of the society, the children in every family are brought up in the fear of the lord, then out there the larger society will be a better place because even the kidnappers, the armed robbers, the ritualists were born of mothers and they have mothers and fathers.

“If they brought them up in the way of the lord, when they go out there, it will be difficult for them to depart from what they had taught them and the teachers themselves will uphold the fear of God and the world will be a better place because even right now, some teachers indulge with their children and misdirect them today, with parents being watchful too, parents and teachers together with the children will not be confused”, she advised.

She further talked about how often the Bible Quiz Competition will be held. She said: “We are believing God that before this year runs out, we’ll be having two other sessions and we’ll make it a regular practice because we want the children to be conversant with the word of God. They’ll begin to walk in the way of the lord, they will be directed by the word of God, we observed that the children are carried away by just dancing and all manner of things like that, and even those in the churches, they have not been studying the word, they just come to church and go on their phones, they are operating all manners of other things that are not godly, so with this, we bring them back to Christ by God’s grace”, she concluded.

The winner of the competition Daniel Ochiama of Community Secondary School (CSS), Akpajo spoke about how he feels winning. “I feel happy, I didn’t expect it but am really happy, and am also grateful to God for making me to win this competition. As for the cash prize, I haven’t decided on what to use it for but definitely something will come up”, he said. He said though he has not been reading his Bible lately and as the notice for the competition was short, he concentrated on the areas of concentration which was given by the organizers and eventually he won.

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