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‘I Have Finished My Mission In Eleme Land’ – Rev. Egemti

Senior Pastor of Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM) Int’l in Alesa Eleme, Rev. Lawrence Egemti has been transferred from the Alesa Eleme branch of the church otherwise known as City of David Cathedral to the Headquarters of the Church in Onitsha, Anambra State where he is to resume as State Pastor.

Rev. Egemti’s transfer came with promotion and a corresponding higher responsibility as he is now a State Supervisor and Senior Pastor of CPM in Anambra State.

In an interview with Inside Eleme, Rev. Lawrence Egemti who was recently honoured by the youths of CPM, Alesa with an Award for Meritorious Service as part of their farewell package for him, expressed gratitude to members of the Church for their show of love and understanding over the years. He said he was transferred to Eleme in March 2007 and that since then, he devoted himself to the work of God.

His words: “In March 2007, I was transferred to Eleme. That Sunday was a very remarkable Sunday because I met loving, understanding and caring church members that wept when the pastor was transferred.  Late Rev. Dr. Omueke was a great servant of God; he was a hero and a man who had a large heart. He was transferred from the Alesa Church and I stepped into his position in the Church, and because of the love the people had for their pastor it gave me a concern and challenge to go to God and He gave me the grace to do exploit.

“Eleme is a blessed land, a great land called Eleme. I came into the land, I saw and we fought a good fight of faith and I conquered all challenges. I have finished my course in Eleme, I have fought a good fight of faith and I am waiting for my reward because I am moving to another land until Jesus comes.

“Today, we are not here to blow our trumpet; eyes have seen the remarkable result of what God has used us to do in the land. When I came to the church, members were not comfortable because they had not seen us before and last Sunday which was the last Sunday of April, 2019 was a weeping service in our church.

“I was weeping and the church members were also weeping because it was like it should not be now. Our work is just like military work where we can be called upon at any time to do something or for transfer and we don’t have a say to it. As I said, the 12 years was a remarkable time for us, it was a 12years for fighting for the kingdom of God, not just for the Church CPM but it was to fight for the kingdom and wellbeing of the land.

“We were able to do the fight with other men of God in the land. I must commend my good friends, I do not know if he is late or still alive, Apostle Captain Eleru, Archbishop Moses Kattey, Bishop Julius Ugorji, Rev. Olasopo, and many others. I will not forget Archbishop Lizzy Paul-Obelley, the Deeper Life Overseer, we had interest and good vision, we had a mission where we came up with enough is enough, it was not just a prayer programme, it was a move for the land to be blessed by God”.

He however accused the leaders of Eleme of not being fair and truthful to the people. He said Eleme cannot have over 222 oil multinational companies and graduates are not employed in these companies.

“Eleme has over 222 companies and they don’t have good roads, no light, the people graduate from school without being employed. We have so many graduates in Eleme but nothing to show as employment. These graduates keep on going for interviews in different companies, but no employment. That is why we came out with one voice to say enough of all this nonsense. We went round the clans of Eleme, we cried to God for restoration, we saw the Scripture where Solomon said I saw servants on horses and princes walking on foot.

“Am not against the land blessing strangers o, but I was also among those who were praying for the ancestral land of Eleme to bless the people of Eleme. I must say it without mincing words that the leaders of Eleme are not fair to their people, even if they want to kill me at the end of this publication, it cannot stop the truth. The leaders of Eleme are not being fair to the people. How many Eleme sons and daughters are working in all the multinational companies here, we keep on complaining about insecurity  but how many of the rich men can give the people scholarship to go school or learn handwork?

“These boys carrying guns are all small-small 22years to 25years old boys and their problem is that nobody to train most of them in life and the politicians and leaders have taken advantages of these boys by keeping them for the next election and our chiefs are not saying anything and when I raised an alarm at the meeting the men of God held at Commonwealth headquarter, I told them how God used us in a revival in Bonny Local Government and after that day, we prayed and called on God.

“At the end of it, I am sure it will not be the same land that we prayed and cried for that will start coming after the pastors and if it is not the land, then I want to ask, who was after the pastors that prayed for the land, or will it be the people, of which I know that the people cannot kill who is praying for them. Or are they sponsored by some politicians, are they sponsored by some chiefs or are they hidden people sponsoring them that we don’t know. I want to tell you that God knows, so my experience in ministry is awesome because the church is one church. I don’t wish to leave. If not for promotion aspect, I do not wish to go away from Eleme, I have pastored in Bonny, Lagos, Bayelsa and I am now in Eleme”.

Rev. Egemti also disclosed how Eleme land has been a blessing to his life in just an interval of 12years. He said: “I want to say that God has blessed me in this land in a way that I cannot forget.  This land, my wife knows I love her with my heart, I do love her and my family but with the encounter I got from God and the blessing I received from God on this Eleme land, I would have chosen and marry a girl from this land to maintain the memories of my journey as a minister of the gospel in this land. Eleme is a blessed land, a land of milk and honey. A good promised land to the fore-fathers of this generation. In this land called Eleme, I was promoted and was ordained as a reverend. In this land, God blessed me with a son. In this land, I got admission and I graduated from University of Port Harcourt.

“In this same land, I travelled out of the country for the first time and by the grace of God, I have travelled to so many countries. In this same land, I built a house in my father’s land in the village. In this same land, my wife went to school, in this same land, I was promoted to be an area pastor controlling Opobo, Eleme and Bonny, and in this same land, now I have been promoted again as a state supervisor for the same ministry under the leadership of my father and mother, Rev. Dr. O. Ezekiel. My experience in Eleme land is just God’s blessing and favour”.

He used the occasion to thank his members for supporting him to achieve progress in the area..

“I want to thank everyone most especially my church members who have been supporting me to achieve the building of the church cathedral up to finishing stage. We have also affected the lives of thousands of people for good. We have given many children scholarships and am pleading with the church not to stop the scholarship program because if they stop it, the insecurity will definitely rise in six to ten years in Eleme. That is why we opened a school so as to help more people get access to quality education. We have opened more church branches like the Nonwa church, Onne church, Ogale church, Agbonchia, Bonny and Finima and we are about to start Akpajo, Eteo, Bonny 2.

“I have enjoyed very well from the landlords and everybody in Eleme. We have been helping the NYSC corps members with foodstuffs and other things. I would like to thank the late Majesty of Eleme land and his family, they have been supporting us, the paramount ruler of Alesa, the youths and politicians, there is no programme I did that the politicians don’t support, both the PDP and APC. I want to thank my good friend, Barr. Promise Ikarine of Inside Eleme Newspaper. I want to also thank His Royal Highness, Appolus Chu, I don’t know him one on one but because of his philanthropic life.

“And I want to plead to the leaders of Eleme to re-examine their lives, there is big problem in Eleme, most people no longer stay in Eleme including me and my family because after they carried my good friend, Captain Eleru, they went to Rev. Olasupo’s house and threw dynamite and they also went to the General Overseer of Deeper Life Church and they also came after me.  All these are what we know, I want to advice and plead with everybody to know and love God. The only way forward is God, we need God in Eleme. Just like never before, we need to go back to God both in prayers and repentance.

“I remember how they have been killing innocent people in Eleme, a girl was killed like a goat in Aleto and her father and mother cried bitterly. Do you think God will not see and listen to their cries? Please we just need God and only the mercy of God, the leaders need to re-examine their hearts. I have a message for these leaders, if you send your children outside this country for schooling and you are busy using these poor children for your selfish inteerst once your children come back, anywhere they are these boys you have been using must go after your children if you don’t change. See cars taking people out of Eleme after work, you will have reason to cry for Eleme.  Yet our children don’t have work just because we have selfish leaders.

“We just need 10 to 20 good people in Eleme that can help the poor people in terms of employment, showing them good life because nobody likes doing what is not good always. We don’t need those people that will say a different thing on radio, television and newspaper but go behind and do another thing. We need people that can fight for the future of Eleme youths and children in these companies; if all this is not done insecurity will not stop in Eleme”.

He explained further that the churches in Eleme are one, adding that if any person wants to lead the church the person should follow the teachings of Jesus Christ by first of all being a good servant.

“The churches in Eleme are on one faith, we all meet together at the service of songs of a great man, Pastor Eze. I saw the former love and family among us. I saw Archbishop Moses Kattey, I saw Bishop Ugorji, Archbishop Lizzy Paul-Obelley, I was also there and almost everybody was even there and I believe God that this crises before us can be resolved. I commit all of them to God Almighty, that they should look up to God,  they should remember the prayer of that dying man in the Bible in John 17, when Jesus said that they may be one, that was the prayer of a dying man  that was about to go. His last wish for the church is that they may be one, let us break this denominational belief, let us break that belief. We are one, Bishop Osaronu and Archbishop Lizzy are one, Bishop Moses and Bishop Ugorji are one, everybody and me are all one, we believe in one God, one faith and one church as a body.

“Let us just remove who is the head from our minds; the teaching of Jesus is that anybody that will be the head among you must be a servant. We don’t know that the word ‘lead’ in the context of Jesus’ teaching is servant, so having said this anybody that wants to be the head should be a faithful servant first.  I pray may the God of this grace restore peace among us in Jesus name and the peace will extend to the land of Eleme and all the churches in Eleme.

“As for the issue that led to the killing of anybody, I don’t know about that, all I could say is that whatever happened that brought about the running away and the disappearance of my good friend, Captain Eleru, God will ask question one day”.

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