I8 Perpetual Sins of the Eleme Man – Peter Nwafor

As we conclude this eventful year, 2018, I have taken the pain and liberty to analyze and pinpoint our dominating flaws, eighteen of them, which to me have held us back down perpetually. They are:

1. It has often been stated that an Eleme man’s greatest enemy is the Eleme man; When we bear thoughts of ill will and take actions dangerous in any way to our own flesh and blood, kith and kin! That is pure evil – not love.
2. Crusades are been held to pray for peace due to killings – quite commendable, but how about hosting a gathering so as to allow people speak their mind and express their grievances, no justice, no peace.
3. The whole mentality of I don’t want him or her to do or own better than myself is the guiding principle of “leadership”. Of course, leadership has reasonable excuses for their decisions don’t blame, when it’s time to append and they fail to, don’t worry it can be justified. Yele eh! Okwu-Eleme!
4. Strangers now picture our weakness and exploit it to their advantage. Check around, most non-indigenes residents are shockingly audacious to say the least, you know why? There is someone somewhere blowing the fire – only God knows why.
5. Strangers think we are fools. Oh No! Not all of us are, as we sell our birth right and potential for paltry plate of porridge and instant gratification instead of investing in our human capital, we sell them off to strangers.
6. The mentality of being against you when it comes to community development and politics and only tend to unite when it’s your downfall, like the case of the Elano/ Host Community versus the Ekporo issue where we are supposed to fight, we didn’t where we should unite and act we don’t.
7. Apologies to my siblings and myself but an average Eleme man has the crab mentality that is drag you down when you are going higher, not as if you’re going, we will all stay stuck down where we are.
8. We have zero value for human lives, else why does everyone want to relocate to town. Leaving those without the buoyancy to remain in the “dreaded zone”?
9. Eleme is one of the greatest Local Governments (The Richest) but we don’t love what we have.
10. The Hausa and Igbo would rather help themselves instead of helping an outsider but when it comes to an Eleme man to help his own, he’ll rather choose to help a stranger.
11. The mentality of we build, we destroy.
12. Ekporo (One of our communities has been taken) and nothing is being done about it. That doesn’t happen in any part of the world.
13. Those who claim to be stubborn in other local governments use that to elevate and help themselves and grow but the stubborn ones in Eleme would rather terrorize their own family, land and community.
14. Thanks to those who tried to fight for what is ours and shame on the leaders who did not instead they rip us our heritage by reaping where others sowed.
15. What the Okrika and others are doing to Eleme has been planned since decades.
16. The whole space which surrounds Eleme local government has been sold out to strangers from Akpajo to Agbonchia, Alesa/Alode to Ekporo. Just imagine how Eleme local government council looks compared to other local governments in Rivers State.
17. Just few indigenes are staff in these companies in Eleme local government. Not considering the fact that they are just few, they still try as much as possible to hate each other, hence making strangers take over and see them as fools.
18. Job opportunities are more than Eleme’s population but yet, nothing is been shown for, youths stay restive and become nuisance.

As we enter next year, let’s do an inward reflection, be sorry and remorseful for our actions and change our behaviour for Eleme to grow, develop and bequeath a strong and united place for our descendants just like our fathers and forefathers did.

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