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Indorama Port Operations To Boost Nigeria’s Economy

Industry players and experts have described the OIS Indorama Port Limited as a multi-purpose port terminal at Onne Ports Complex that will boost Nigerian economy.

Built from a swampy wasteland, designed by reputed international engineering companies, and constructed by renowned local companies, the project cost Indorama a whooping US $130 million.

The facility has a 295-metre multipurpose jetty, storage facilities suitable for fertilizer consisting of a 45,000 metric tons warehouse for urea with an automated material handling system and a modern ship loader.

The port terminal has the capacity to handle up to 2 million tons per annum of dry bulk urea exports, which is serving as a platform for direct exports of fertilizer to foreign markets—a big plus to Nigeria’s economy and maritime sector in particular.

Various third-party testimonials have shown that Indorama’s terminal operations at the Onne Port in Rivers State, contribute a lot in boosting Nigeria’s economy and the maritime sector.

In a recent presentation to the 2018 Oil and Gas Forum hosted by the Institute of Oil and Gas Research and Hydrocarbon Studies at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel, the Managing Director/CEO of the Oil and Gas Free Zones Authority (OGFZA), Onne, Rivers State, Mr. Umana  Okon Umana  told his audience how Indorama has added value to the Nigerian maritime sector and economy.

Mr. Umana noted that Indorama Eleme Petrochemicals Limited and two others have contributed immensely to the value-chain including manufacturing, skill acquisition, technology transfer and job creation – particularly in the Oil and Gas Free Zone at Onne.

“Indorama produces bulk urea from gas in its fertilizer plant in Eleme, Rivers State. The company’s production capacity (Train 1&2) is 3 million metric tons of bulk urea annually. It exports 70 per cent of the product through the company’s export terminal at the Oil and Gas Free Zone in Onne, while the difference is sold to the local market,” he said.

In an interview with Indorama-Nigeria IMPACT magazine, Mr. Alhassan Ismaila, Port Manager, Onne Port, also asserted that the presence of Indorama at the Onne port has indeed changed the fortunes of the port for good. He cited the company’s brand new port terminal and the heavy ship traffic since it commenced operations in 2016.

In his own words: “The terminal is state-of-the-art, with a modern ship loader and it has a water depth of 11 metres that is able to handle vessels of 40,000 – 50,000 metric tons. When they started operation, they were averaging one vessel per month and we were able to handle almost 300,000 metric tons that year; from nothing to 300,000 MT for export of Urea”.

“In the following year 2017, they doubled their export figure averaging two vessels per month with almost 700,000 metric tons. So with these, we can say Indorama has really contributed to maritime industry by bringing more vessels into Nigeria from nothing to all these figures I am telling you.

“In 2016, eleven vessels came in; in 2017, twenty-six vessels came in, so you can now see that this is addition to the maritime sector in Nigeria”.

In the interview, it is crystal clear how the Nigerian economy has gained from the ports operations of Indorama – Nigeria, which has the vision of building Africa’s petrochemicals and fertilizer hub in Nigeria.

Recently, OIS Indorama Ports Limited completed one million man-hours without lost time injury. This milestone was celebrated and all staff of the company honoured to motivate them to do more. Culled from Indorama IMPACT Magazine

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