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Insecurity In Eleme: Brian Gokpa’s Hands Are Clean – Nwogu

Coordinator, Rivers State Youth Federation, Eleme chapter and the Director of Mobilization of Eleme Youth Council, Engineer Osaronu Nwogu has condemned allegations by Comrade Walter Olaka, former Ogale Youth President that Brian Gokpa is the one behind insecurity in Eleme.

It would be recalled that Walter Olaka while fielding questions recently in Inside Eleme accused the Eleme Youth President, Comrade Brian Gokpa of masterminding insecurity in Eleme.

But Osaronu while reacting to the accusation described it as false and unfounded, stressing that it was   politically motivated to tarnish the reputation of the youth leader. He stressed that Walter Olaka as a card carrying member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party would do anything to destroy the good image of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members.

He alleged that Comrade Walter Olaka is a leader of a cult faction and was targeted by a rival cult group led by the Late Mba Boy who went after him and shot him on that fateful day. He denied leading boys to Walter’s house to destroy property as alleged.

“I have never any day led boys to go to Walter’s house, Walter and I do not have any problem. We have not met before, we have not argued before, whatever he is saying is just politically motivated. That is all I have to say. I was not in any picture of destroying Walter Olaka’s house. Did you see me in any picture destroying his house? It was an allegation, it is not factual, I have not done anything like that. I think Walter Olaka is a confused person who is laying false accusation on many people and I want to advice him to stop laying false accusation against somebody because it can tarnish someone’s image. So I want him to stop all what he is doing and follow the right path.

“There is what we call nemesis, there is the law of karma, which states that whatever you do on earth you will surely reap it. As we are in different parties, that does not mean he will choose to do the wrong thing by accusing people”.

He also said Walter Olaka took soldiers to invade his house during the last election and that it made most PDP members to stay out of their living houses. He also said Walter Olaka was having a cult related issue with Mba Boy and that was why he was shot. And after God has spared his life he should not be accusing anybody for that reason”.

Osaronu said the APC in Eleme tried using the military to disrupt the peace Eleme have been experiencing adding that he has pictures of military men that were used by the APC.

He said: “Eleme has been very peaceful; it was even the military men that brought instability to Eleme. Eleme is a peace loving local government and we are peace loving people. You understand, an Eleme man cannot harm an Eleme man. It was the military that was used by the APC members; it was just like a tug of war in Eleme because of the military. The military helped the APC to do all what they planned that day. They barricaded us in the picture with me; the pictures are there to back up my claims. They tried to stop us from voting, so the military did not do well on that March 9th Election Day .

Meanwhile, Hon. Comrade Walter Olaka is insisting that Comrade Brian Gokpa in company of Engr. Osaronu Nwogu, Comrade Cyrus Okochi and a gang of thugs visited his house and attacked him and destroyed his property.

Hear him: “On the 15th January, 2018 at about 12:30pm, one Mr. Dad Abel Ngwogu who is from Ogale; he is still alive, you can go and ask,  he ran to me in front of my house that I was standing, and he said Brain Gokpa, Osaronu Nwogu, the younger brother of J.O. Nwogu and Cyrus Okochi came with some unknown boys from Okrika led by Brain Gokpa, and when Dad Abel Nwogu ran to my compound as the youth president of Ogale, I told him to stop running but in few minutes, I saw them coming to my destination with over seventy of them led by Brain Gokpa, Osaronu Nwogu and Cyrus Okochi.

“I don’t know the rest of them because they looked very dreadful. They are killers led by Brain Gokpa to my compound and immediately, because of how fearful they were looking, Mr. Dad Abel Nwogu could not stand again as they were approaching us, so he had to run away. He ran for his dear life, but I insisted that I will not run to anywhere, and as they approached me, they hit me the bottles that was with them on my face and Brain ordered the boys to kill me. Before I could realize they shot in my compound, they scattered our roof and our roof is still leaking up till today. You can see the pictures. I intentionally refused working on the house, I used the word I intentionally refused to work it because I know that a day of reckoning will come and it must surely come, this is just the beginning.

“Brain Gokpa ordered them to shot in my compound and they shot, immediately I ran away and they started chasing me, the record is there and after that experience, my life has been in perpetual threat from Brain Gokpa. They came with one black Hilux that day and the other cars. They injured my younger brother, Mr. Osarochu and my sister, Nwaego. They shot into my room, they scattered the roofs”.


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