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King Ejire: Nkporon Eleme Performs Odo-nli Burial Rites • Cautions against incorrect practice of Odo-nli rites

In preparation for the successful burial of the late king of Eleme, His Royal Majesty, King S.O. Ejire, the Nkporon Eleme which is the Eleme Council of Chiefs and Elders has carried out Eleme traditional rite known as Odo-nli.
The Odo-nli traditional rite is an Eleme tradition whereby the estimated cost of burial is shared amongst the family members and loved ones of the deceased in order to lessen the burden of funding the funeral and also to ensure that everyone participate for the success of the burial.
A delegation of Nkporon Eleme led by His Royal Highness, Philip Obele to the palace of the late King S.O. Ejire witnessed and participated in the Odo-nli traditional rites.
In an interview with Inside Eleme Newspaper, the Oneh eh Nchia/Aleto, His Royal Highness, Emere Philip Obele noted that the Odo-nli marks the beginning of the burial rite of the King in line with the Eleme custom and tradition.
Emere Philip Obele decried the near extinction of the Odo-nli tradition and called for restoration of the burial rite.
His words: “The Odo-nli is the beginning of the burial of His Majesty, King S.O. Ejire. This particular aspect of our culture is almost extinguished, so we are bringing it back.
“We are here to direct the family of late King S.O. Ejire and to inform them of the procedure of the Eleme people. As you know, the Christians feels that the tradition is superstitious and we all know that it has no spiritual precaution; it is just to direct and caution a particular rite that the family should ensure that they do for the people of Eleme.
“We are here to listen to them and to ask them how they have arranged and prepared for the burial of the late Majesty, and when they have told us, we will go for consultation and return back to inform them on what they should do”.
Emere Philip Obele also thanked the family of Late King S.O. Ejire for cooperating with the Eleme Council of Chiefs. He urged the entire Eleme people to maintain calm and peace in the land.
“The family has been cooperative with the Eleme Council of Chiefs and Elders. In fact, they are the people who invited us to inform us that the burial is fast approaching and that they would need our support. The man that died is the father of the entire Eleme people. My advice to the people is that, in this period of mourning and sadness, all we have to do is to remain calm and ensure we conduct ourselves peacefully and together as a team.
“We will bring development in the land. Without peace there would be no development in the land. My appeal is that they should come together and ensure we all work together and make sure Eleme return to its original state”, he maintained.
Earlier at the meeting, Mr. Clement Ejire, brother to Late King Ejire who spoke at the meeting revealed that the late king’s death came from God and not man and therefore called for the participation and support of the Eleme council of chiefs. He narrated how the late king died after a brief illness, adding that he was taken to the hospital but couldn’t survive the cold hands of death.
In his response, Chief Philip Osaro Obele, the Emere Nchia pledged the support of the Eleme council of chiefs. He noted that the late king was a prominent man and that the Eleme council of chiefs will ensure they support and plan the burial to achieve success.

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