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King Obele Admits Emere Egbalor Into Nkporon Eleme

Acting King of Eleme, His Royal Majesty Sir (Dr.) Philip Osaro Obele has performed one of the sacred functions of the stool of Oneh Eh Eleme by admitting the traditional ruler of Egbalor Community (Emere Egbalor), Chief Godwin Yorgba Chinwi, into the Eleme Council of Chiefs and Elders otherwise known as Nkporon Eleme.

Having been found fit, Emere Chinwi, was formally inducted into Ogbo Nkporon Eleme (The Supreme Council of Eleme Traditional Rulers and the apex decision making body of Eleme Council of Chiefs) as a bonafide member by the Acting King of Eleme and his members in council, in accordance with the customs and traditions of Eleme people.

Emere Chinwi, having fulfilled all traditional rites and rituals including the traditional killing of dog otherwise known as Ofe Ngba’o Nkporon would henceforth be entitled to all rights and privileges of Nkporon Eleme, including right to attend meetings and participate in the traditional consultation known as Ekonla amongst others.

The ceremony which took place at the Palace of King Obele in Aleto witnessed the formal presentation of Emere Godwin Chinwi to Nkporon Eleme in Council by the Land Priest of Egbalor Community, supported by chiefs and elders of Egbalor Community in Ebubu, Eleme.

In his remark, King Obele commended Emere Godwin Chinwi for his courage and bold step to join Nkporon Eleme and offer his wealth of experience in administration and leadership to move Eleme kingdom forward.

He expressed hope in his membership and charged him to always be a good ambassador worthy of emulation by his people and be dedicated at all times to the service of his people.

Prayers were also made and traditional items such as drinks and money presented before the council.

It would be recalled that His Royal Highness, Emere Godwin Chinwi was recently elected traditional ruler of his Egbalor Community in Ebubu.

Emere Chinwi was a public servant, veteran statesman and prolific administrator who spent greater part of his life in service with the Government of Rivers State and his people in various capacities before retiring as a Director in the Rivers State Civil Service and as Secretary at the Rivers State Traditional Rulers Council.

His emergence as the tradition ruler of Egbalor Community has restored peace and development in the community that was once at the brink of extinction after been ravaged by youth restiveness and rival cult wars which claimed the lives of many.

As a man of peace, he is known for using cultural and social activities as a tool for ethnic revival.
This became evidence when he initiated The Egbalor Sports and Cultural Carnival platform, first of its kind to engage the youth creatively and restored complete peace and security in Egbalor Community and Ebubu by extension.

Egbalor Community and Ebubu Clan at large is now rated as one of the most peaceful places in Eleme Local Government Area, as during, before and after the just concluded 2019 General Elections, no death nor a single gunshot was recorded.

Little wonders his recent coronation was greeted with an avalanche of guests from various works of life and traditional circles.

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