Milly Academy Ends 5th Annual Inter-House Sports • Plans Milly Coaster University

Milly International Academy, Alode Eleme Rivers State ended its 5th Annual Inter-House Sport Competition in a grand style.

The event tagged Milly Olympics held at the Alode Community Secondary School (CSS) Alode field featured world class sporting activities such as 100m, 200m and 400m races by the senior students boys and girls, relay race, sack race, needle race, banana race, bottle race and filling the basket.

However, parents and staff were not left out as there was also huge fun provided by the participation of parents and staff in race competition.

In his speech at the event, Founder of Milly Group of Schools, Proprietor and Chief Executive of Milly International Academy, His Royal Highness, EmereLoveday N. Osaro said Milly International Academy started 24years ago, precisely on the 20th September, 1995, pointing that his vision is now to establish a Milly Coaster University in the next 5years.

Hear him:“This event is tagged Milly Olympics. Olympics is an event that is usually done after every four years, but in Milly we decided to be doing it annually, that is why it is tagged Milly Olympics in our own way.

Actually, Milly International Academy came into existence on the 20th day of September, 1995, as at that time the government was not paying teachers an attractive salary, so majority of the government owned schools were closed down and as an Educationist and a lover of education, I decided to establish the school in order to assist the society because then, many children were at home doing nothing, the government school system was paralyzed, so I decided to establish the school which I started with my four children and as time went on, the school metamorphosed from a Nursery, Primary School to a Secondary School. Thereafter, we built a satellite campus in Eleme, Alode to be précise”.

Chief LovedayOsaro who is also the traditional ruler of Ekenkua Community in Alode Eleme also spoke about Milly International Academy in Nonwa, Tai Local Government Area, Rivers State and his plans to set up Milly Coaster University.

His words: “More so, three years ago, we established another campus at Nonwa, which we started with 39 persons, all in the aim and motive of supporting the education system, knowing that education is the bedrock for human development.

“The motto of Milly Group of Schools is ‘Educate for Self Reliance’ and my vision and mission for Milly International Academy in the next five years is not just to remain at the primary and secondary levels of education, where they only sit for WAEC and Jamb, Milly is aiming at establishing a Milly Coaster University in no distant time in Eleme.

“The Milly Coaster University as the name connotes is to be established at the coast. I won’t want to reveal the very area that the institution will be sited for now, but one of the reasons why we want to establish the University at the coast is to bring peace between us and our neighbour”, he revealed.

He further advised teachers and staff of the school to be diligent in discharging their duties because one day they may end up becoming employers of labour.

In his speech at the event, the Chairman of the occasion, Elder Jacob Nkpa, Chairman of Eleme Football Association, commended the school for its effort towards offering quality education to the society. He also advised the students to be law abiding stressing that they should abstain from acts that will damage the school image.

He said: “It is a nice thing to engage the students in sports activities, as it is commonly said all work without play makes jack a dull boy. I am happy to associate with Milly Group of Schools, they have impressed us, they have impressed Alode Community, they have impressed the Eleme Community. Actually there is something I find different about Milly Group of Schools, whenever they want to embark on a task; they always make sure they accomplished that task.

“Milly has tried to stand her foot for others to follow. I want to encourage the students to be law abiding and be proud of their school. Don’t get into activities that will damage the image of the school”, he advised.

Speaking in an interview Mr. Ihenacho Godwin, the Principal of Milly Group of Schools, noted that Inter House Sports activities is a starting point to prepare the students ahead of the journey of life in future. He thanked the invited guests and parents for waiting patiently to grace the event not minding the rainfall.

Favor Mathew, an S.S.3. Student and the leader of the Peace House that won the overall best prize expressed joy for a successful Inter House Sport competition.

At the end of the competition, in the match pass category, Faith House scored 32 point (5th), Wisdom House 36 point (4th), Love House 45 point (3rd), Progress House, 48 point (2nd) and Peace House 59 point (1st).

In e overall result of the competition, Love House scored a total number of 220 points (5th), Faith House 220 points (4th), Wisdom House 228 points (3rd), Progress House 270 points (2nd) and Peace House 340 points, emerging as the 2019 Champions of the Olympic Inter-House Sport competition

Invited schools present at the event were CSS Ebubu, Leaders Foundation among others who didn’t registered.

In a related development, the Milly International Academy, Nonwa Campus had also held and concluded its maiden Inter House Sports Competition with fanfare.

In his speech at the event which took place at Community Secondary School, Nonwa Tai, Proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of the School, His Royal Highness, EmereLoveday N. Osaro, who was former Zonal Director, Senior Secondary School Board in Eleme, described the maiden Inter House Sports at Nonwa campus as huge success, and advised the staff of Nonwa campus to continue to be hardworking and reliable because Milly is reliable.

He said: “Today’s Inter House Sports is a super huge success because God was on our side.We prayed, we usually use God in whatsoever we are doing. We prayed that it should not rain and God heard our prayers by giving us a fair weather. In all the activities of the event, there were no records of any casualty till the end, just as we prayed.

“Sincerely my advice to those schools that are not engaging their students in inter house sports activities is that they should see how they can improve. My blame basically goes to the Ministry of Education, the inspectorate division, particularly for allowing these schools to exist because these schools are raising half baked children for the society which is a big problem in future. Some of these schools are not supposed to exist because they don’t follow any curriculum, no timetable, and no syllables.

“They are only after taking money from the parents. For any school to be established they should have at list four plots of land, putting up a school in a four bedroom flat is not really ideal.

“We have three campuses and the reason we brought Milly to Nonwa is with the motive and vision of bringing our own quality of education to the grassroots.

“My advice to the staff and teachers of Nonwa campus is that, they should be hardworking, dedicated and reliable because Milly is reliable and as I earlier said, the reason we brought Milly here is to see that Milly International Academy gets to the grassroots and to those who are less privileged, that is why our school fees is drastically very low compared to the level of education or the knowledge we are impacting on our students”, he disclosed.

In his address, the chairman of the occasion, Hon. Don Wilson Nwibari, Principal Assistant Registrar, Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, Bori, urged the state government to support sporting activities in primary and secondary schools including private owned schools. He also advised the students to abstain from drug abuse and other social vices.

Vice Principal of Milly International Academy, Nonwa Campus, Pastor Kuru Emmanuel also spoke: “Today, this is the first time we are holding this occasion. I will say it is God who made it an excellent platform.

“The sports activities will boost the students’ understanding, especially those of them that have a biased knowledge of what sports is all about. The activity will benefit them and change their focus towards life. Everything is not all about book work; book work is one side, participating in sports is another thing all together.

“So, I will encourage the students to catch up with the vision, when they are able to do that, it will change their mindsets and give them a better idea of all that inter house sport entails”, he advised.

Also speaking an interview, the Administrative Officer, Mrs. Queen LekueOsih, described the event as a huge success, stating that inter house sports competition is a medium whereby talents can be discovered, urging parents to encourage their children to go into sporting activities especially during the practice period.

The sports chairman of Milly International Academy, Mr. Osgood O. Oteh also spoke in an interview: “It is indeed a very huge success because we never believed it could go smoothly in this way. Some time some of these children may not be intelligent enough to go with cognitive domain, so it is the psychomotive that enables them to excel. For example, Jay JayOkocha and KanuNwakwo and the rest of them that made it through sports.

The Holy Bible started that physical exercise benefit a little, so if God Himself could recognize the importance of sport activities, then it should be taken seriously because it could propel one to any success level. Inter house sports competition is very important that is why the Minister of Education decided to lay emphasis on it, stressing that every school most embark on inter house sport”.

Leader of Faith House that emerged first position, Miss RayamatuYaalo an SS 1 student expressed joy over their victory in the competition.

The inter house sport competition featured 100meters race for boys and girls, 200meters race, banana race, sack race, filling the basket and lots more.

On the whole, Love House scored a total number of 207 (5th), Progress House scored a total number of 231 (4th), Peace House scored a total number of 232 (3rd), Wisdom House scored a total number of 246 (2nd), while Faith House scored a total number 251 (1st) making them the overall winners of competition.


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