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Njujima & Tusam Exchange Marital Vows

It was celebration galore over the weekend at Heamedla Hotels and Suites, Aleto Eleme as family, friends and well-wishers gathered to celebrate with former Miss Njujima Longlife Nwosu and her heartthrob, Comrade Samuel Onura Ejie, popularly known as Tusam at the reception after their wedding.

The ambiance of the venue was adorned in red and white, being the colours of the day; Red represents love in their union and White represents purity in their endeavors.

Francis Gomba Okpa did the toast; he described the groom as a” brother and friend to me”. He said: “I have known him for a while, he’s a man of dignity, he is a man of intelligence, he’s a dependable man, a person of his word and today am very happy that his status has changed which gladdens my heart. No more Tusam, from now henceforth it is Mr. Tusam. He then proposed the toast by spelling the word: J.E.S.U.S.

Highpoint of the occasion was an amazing performance by Eleme based artistes as the couple danced to the admiration of all.

Earlier, the couple Miss Njujima Longlife Nwosu and Comrade Samuel Onura Ejie was joined together as husband and wife at the Marriage Registry of Eleme Local Government Council. The visibly elated couple was advised to be of good conduct to each other and play their respective roles well in their family as husband and wife.

At the Marriage Registry, they both happily agreed to sign the marriage certificate placed before them, and promised each other to always be there both in death or alive, in sickness and health even when there’s no hope, they agreed to stand for each other in any circumstances that might prop up, affirming their stance before the Court.

In an interview with Inside Eleme, the groom expressed joy of being successfully married. “I feel very happy, I feel like today is the only day on earth with the gladness in me. If I start mentioning the qualities I saw in her that attracted me getting married to her, we are not going to dismiss today, they are so numerous and I saw it’s the handiwork of God. I have prayed for a very long time for God to lead me to my own wife and am happy that I found her. I went into prayers and God revealed and led me to her and that’s all we are here celebrating”.

He advised would-be husbands to seek God’s face before selecting their life partners. “I urge my fellow men to do the same thing that I did, not only by going round the street, no, that’s different; what you need to do is to go down on your knees and tell God your heart desire, God is never a man who forsakes, by mere doing so your heart desire will be provided”.

The bride on her part said: “I love my man because he has the fear of God, he is truthful, he has understanding and has all the qualities I want in a man. I love him so much. My prayer is that God’s grace will always be with us because whatsoever you say, there must be a complicated voice around you that will say no, but when you add by the grace of God, everything will be well done so I pray that by the grace of God our union will be successful”.

The parents of the couple also advised the new couple to exhibit good qualities such as endurance, patience, kindness, and understanding, adding that those are the things that protect marriages.

Comrade Samuel Ejie and his wife expressed gratitude to all who honoured their invitation and those who contributed one way or the other to the success of the occasion. They prayed God to grant the guests journey mercies to their various destinations.


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