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Nyimeone Emerges As New Ogale Youth President

Youths of Ogale Community in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State have chosen Comrade Darlington Nyimeone as their new youth president.

The event which took place at the Aluebo Community Town Hall, Ogale was well attended by Ogale youths and was supervised by security agents and pressmen.

The election of a new youth leader followed the expiration of the tenure of the leadership of the former youth leader Comrade Amb. Maccyrus Okochi.

Speaking at the event, Comrade Amb. Maccyrus Okochi who said he was commissioned in 2015 as the government-recognized youth leader by the Eleme Local Government Council to set up a formidable youth council in Ogale, noted that the community youths have not had the opportunity to select an independent, formidable and youth development oriented council within the past nine years.

He however said that his reign has made it possible for the youths to decide for themselves, who leads them.

He further announced that the selection process would be through open ballot system (Option A4) and charged the community youths to comport and conduct themselves in a manner that will engender continuous peace, unity and progress in the community as well as work with any candidate that emerges between Comr. Darlington Nyimeone and Comr. Osarolaka Chu Osaromba, both from Mbumeta Community in Ogale Eleme.

While the selection process was still on, Comr. Osarolaka Chu Osaromba announced his decision to step down for Darlington Nyimeone following the glaring massive support he received from the community youths.

Amb. Maccyrus Okochi who later declared Comr. Darlington Nyimeone the winner, said that the terms of engagement for the interim youth president include focusing on combating insecurity and criminality with the aid of security agencies, developing a constitution for the Ogale Community Youth Council and organize a credible electoral process that will usher in a more formidable youth council as well as ensure the registration of the community youth body with National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) so as to enable the community youths benefit from other youth development projects by the state and federal government, within the period of one year.

The process also saw the selection of two persons from each of the nine Ogale sub communities to assist the interim youth president in piloting the affairs of the youth council.

  Addressing newsmen shortly after the exercise, Hon. Comr. Darlington Nyimeone promised to work with all the youths in the community to ensure peace in the area as well as abide by the terms of engagement given to him.

He said one of the reasons he expressed interest to assume the position as interim youth president of his community is to see how he could mitigate the insecurity ravaging the community, adding that he would deploy his years of experience in youth and community services as well as his ideas to salvage the community from the challenges bedeviling her.

“As an indigene of this community, I cannot leave it for anybody and I know I have some ideas and the way out to restore peace in this community.

“I know how to tackle the insecurity problems in Ogale Community so I believe with the support of the people that are going to work with me, I will succeed”

Comr. Nyimeone further stated that the appointment of Comr. Noble Nwolu by the former paramount ruler of Ogale community, Chief Godwin Bebe Okpabi is absolutely illegal, stressing that it has been the style of administration of the former Paramount Ruler to deny the youths their right to choose who governs them.

He said it was for this reason that the youths took up the challenge to change the ugly narrative and exercise their constitutional rights as a group.

Comr. Darlington however expressed optimism that Noble Nwolu would work with him alongside Ogale youths to restore and maintain peace in the community.

He said “After today, Noble has nothing to do again because he can see the entire youths of Ogale here present.

His own appointment day was in the house of the former chief but that one means nothing to the entire youths of ogale. I know Noble is a reasonable person, so when he hears what happened today, he will reason alongside with us.”

He charged the youths of Ogale to be law abiding and imbibe the virtues of love and peace as demonstrated by our Lord Jesus in this season of Easter celebration.

He said whoever has any grievances can either channel it to him or to security agencies, assuring that he would ensure its peaceful resolution.

Comr. Osarolaka Chu Osaromba addressing the press stated that the reason he stepped down for his opponent, Comrade. Darlington Nyimeone was because, when the youths were asked to queue behind the candidates of their choice, he discovered that more than two hundred youths were already behind Comrade. Darlington and only few were with him, so he had no option than to step down for him and support his candidature.

He regretted that insecurity has almost ravaged the community as a result of weak and biased youth leadership. He however charged the interim youth president to carry everybody along in his administration so as to enable him achieve victory over insecurity in the area.


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