Olungwe Hosts End-of-Year Party For Akpajo Women

An illustrious son of Akpajo Community, Hon. Fineman Olungwe has hosted a sumptuous End-of-year party to celebrate women of Akpajo town in Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The event which took place at the Akpajo Market Square attracted dignitaries such as members of Eleme Women Council of Chiefs, Akpajo Women Council of Chiefs, Actor Chiwetalu Agu, Mrs. Chu O. Chu, Hon. Fred Onungwe, His Royal Highness, Chief Fredrick Nwidaa, Her Majesty, Chief (Mrs.) Evelyn Ada Gokpa, Emereowa Eeh Eleme, and Hon. Aforji Igwe popularly known as ‘One Million Project’, among others.

In her speech at the event, the Emereowa Eeh Eleme, Her Majesty, Chief (Mrs.) Evelyn Ada Gokpa thanked Hon. Fineman Olungwe for organizing the event and for buying wrappers for Eleme and Akpajo women. She also thanked him on behalf of the women for the care and love he has shown to them even as she urged him to continue in his good works, stressing that God will bless him.

His Royal Highness, Chief Fredrick Nwidaa in his speech thanked Akpajo people and dignitaries who attended the event. He stressed that Akpajo is the most peaceful town in Eleme Local Government Area as a result of the effort of his council of chiefs and cooperation of the Akpajo Police Division. Nwidaa further urged all and sundry to come together so that they can access their money hanging as a result of their court case with Aleto.

On his part, Chief Chiwetalu Agu, the invited guest of honour said his presence in Akpajo Eleme showed the impact that he is making in Nollywood, even as he noted that he was amazed by the good gesture and performance of Hon. Fineman Olungwe in the area of community development and care for Akpajo people, especially the women.

He said he had seen that Akpajo people were hospitable and would go back to disclose to his colleagues the hospitality he had enjoyed in Akpajo.
Chief (Mrs.) Chu O. Chu, the chairlady of the event expressed delight over the comportment of Akpajo women. She also seized the opportunity to thank Hon. Fineman Olungwe and His Royal Highness, Chief Fredrick Nwidaa, stressing that without them the event would not have been a success.

In an interview, Hon. Fineman Olungwe said: “You know there is a time to give thanks to God for whom He is, what He has done and what He would do. And so the people of Akpajo today decided to unanimously celebrate God for the development and peace in Akpajo. We need peace at all times”, he said.

He also urged Akpajo people to unite and work together to access their monies hanging as a result of the court case with Aleto Community.

“For those who would not want to maintain peace in Akpajo, we pray God touches their hearts because without peace there won’t be development and progress. By the population you witnessed today at the celebration, it showed that His Royal Highness, Chief Fredrick Nwidaa remains the Paramount Ruler of Akpajo. The other people are in contention over his stool. I will advice my people to obey God, trust and believe and rely in God always”, he stated.

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