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Port Manager Applauds Indorama’s Strides • Says Indorama Has Made Onne Port Very Active

Alhaji Alhassan Ismaila, Port Manager, Onne Port Complex has said that Indorama has contributed to the development of the Nigeria maritime industry.

He said: “Indorama has contributed a lot to the maritime industry because they have built a brand new terminal inside Onne Port here, which is an export terminal. It is a two-berth terminal which started operation in 2016. The terminal is state-of-the-art, with a modern ship loader and it has a water depth of 11 metres that is able to handle vessels of 40,000 – 50,000 metric tons.

Speaking in an interview, the port manager said when Indorama started operations, they were averaging one vessel per month in 2016 and “we were able to handle almost 300,000 metric tons that year, from nothing to 300,000 MT for export of Urea.

“In the following year 2017, they doubled their export figure averaging two vessels per month with almost 700,000 metric tons, so with these, we can say that Indorama has really contributed to maritime industry by bringing more vessels into Nigeria from nothing to all these figures I am telling you.

“In 2016, eleven vessels came in; in 2017, twenty-six vessels came in, so you can see that this is addition to the maritime sector in Nigeria”.

The Port Manager further spoke on how the contributions of Indorama at the Onne port terminals contributes to the Nigerian economy.

His words: “Invariably, when you have export as the major focus of this administration in other to diversify the economy, it is heartwarming to see that we now have a terminal which is export oriented.

“It is also heartwarming to see that Nigeria is exporting Urea out of the country. That means foreign exchange for the country and for the maritime sector. That also means more revenue for the NPA and invariably more revenue for the Federal Government of Nigeria because we charge ship dues, harbour dues, environmental protection dues and facility charges for all these operations.

“The export helps in our country’s balance of trade. Overall, it’s a big quantum leap for the economy. In Onne Port here, apart from LNG, Indorama is the second in terms of export, so it is very important to the economy, it is very important to NPA.

“Indorama has also created employment for people to work in the port and in the vessels. So, there is this multiplier effect for the whole industry and for the Nigerian economy”, he said.

Ismaila spoke further on NPA’s relationship as a regulator with Indorama in terms of compliance.

He said: “NPA is not only a regulator; we are also landlord to Indorama. I am happy to say that they are very compliant tenant; their environment policies are very standard, we have our environmental officials that go to the terminal from time to time to check their operations because Urea requires special handling being a chemical based product. We found out that their practices are standard, and we are happy with the way they are handling their vessels and product.

“In terms of security, they have a very good system. All their trucks coming to the port are standard and they obtain our truck permits. All their staff comply with our access procedures. They apply for port access permit which we also give them. As far as we are concerned, Indorama is doing well and we are happy with them”. Culled from Indorama IMPACT Magazine

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