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St. Paul’s Catholic Women Celebrate Mothers’ Day

It was celebration galore as women of St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Alesa Eleme, their families and well-wishers joined other Christian faithful across the globe to celebrate and mark this year’s Mothers’ Day at their church auditorium.

The officiating minister and Parish Priest of St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Alesa Eleme, Rev. Father Francis Tete in his sermon charged the mothers to embrace holiness and development in their motherhood saying holiness is the only access to get to heaven and promote good

development in the society.

Throwing light on the celebration, the priest said motherhood is a priceless treasure, a fact which everyone should appreciate except one not born and suckled by a mother.

Speaking on the theme of this year’s Mothers’ Day celebration, “Motherhood, Holiness and Development”, he reminded the mothers of their strategic role in the development of spiritual and cultural values and the total advancement of human civilization, stressing that without responsible

motherhood, the church’s task of promoting holiness would be almost impossible.

He said without good mothers, society would hardly have good citizens, good leaders and national development. He congratulated all mothers who are committed to the challenging role God has assigned to them for the development of the church and society.

The priest called on mothers to lay good foundation for their children so that their future will be bright. He said mothers should take responsibility to

help better the future of their children and wards. His words: “Just like in the world today, a lot of bad things are occurring, youths involve in cultism and all manner of dirty games, instead of our children to engage in what can foster their future, they indulge in what can destroy their future. It is left for the mothers to make the root balance well from the starting point so that at the end, one will reap what one sow”, he said.

Earlier, the Catholic Women Organization (CWO) President, Mrs. Blessing Oluka in her welcome address

stated that the present executive members of CWO were elected on the 5th of May, 2018. She expressed hope that through the intercession of Blessed Mother, Mary the Queen of Nigeria and of their families their mandate will be


She disclosed that within the first three months in office, the body was able to host the Deanery CWO, the Diocesan Evangelizers for their Seminar/Workshop, and outlined other activities they were planning to carry out.

She mentioned some of the projects they have executed to include, helping the Church to complete the ongoing educational project tagged Seat of Wisdom Academy and building a standard sacramental shop for the Parish.

In an interview with Inside Eleme, Rev. Father Francis Tete, the Parish Priest expressed delight over the success of the occasion. Hear him: “It was beautiful and good to be here today and it was good to be part of the celebration of the Mothers’ Day. We are all children of mothers so it is proper we should celebrate them and the event was colourful”, he said.

His advice to mothers: “To the mothers, the general message of the day is that, motherhood is a gift with responsibility, special gift for special duty, nobody makes herself a mother, you become a mother by God’s grace and by God’s calling. When God makes you a mother, it gives you some work to do, to nurture, to build, to educate, to guide and that is why we said that motherhood has a role to bring about holiness in the church as well as development in the society because if the mothers do their work well it will be easy for them to have a safe society.

“Good leadership and good citizenship will produce peace and development but if the mothers abandon their duties, we will have rascals everywhere just as we have today. Even top politicians have proven to be rascals. I think it goes back to the kind of information they heard, motherly care they had from the beginning”, he pointed out.

President of the Catholic Women Organization (CWO), Mrs. Blessing Oluka also spoke to Inside Eleme in an interview. Her words: “Well, this year’s Mothers’ Day was a success because this occasion is normally done once in a year, that’s annually and we have not been celebrating it the same time with my Diocese. This is the first time we are having it together with them, we normally celebrate it anytime we want to but in the whole Catholic Church in Nigeria, we are observing it today”.

Her advice for fellow mothers: “Well, the theme of this year Mothers’ Day is ‘Motherhood Holiness and Development’, so I advise my fellow mothers or fellow women all over the world to keep to what we have been taught because we had a seminar on it, we are praying that God Almighty will help us do this according to His will”, she advised.

Father of the day, Dr. Lemii Cletus Barizoge said in an interview: “In fact today being Mothers’ Day in St Paul’s Catholic Church, Eleme is a very memorable one, it’s a very beautiful church activity of the day and everyone has been happy. But I think the happiest people here are the mothers, right now we are on the occasion and presently the march pass is in process.

“However, my advice to the women today is that we can see the important position the mothers occupy in the family, society and community even in the nation as a whole. My advice to them is that they should imbibe those virtues that will make them achieve a better purpose for themselves, the children, the husbands and the society at large.

“And to the entire body of Christ, they should take a cue from the way the women coordinated themselves. We wish they could also coordinate themselves and follow the part of the virtues women”, he said.

On her part, Lady Alice Ngoke, the leader of life members of St. Paul’s Parish said: “I feel very happy and honoured to be a mother. Mary is the mother and she is the one we are imitating and as a mother of this parish, I am happy today for the celebration of the motherhood and my advice and massage for those who were called to serve the women and the entire body of Christ is that they should lead as good mothers in their homes and in the church to carry up the work of church and to the entire body of Christ, learn to practice humility as Christ did, in order to live up to the expectations of our callings as Christians”, she said.

Mr. Samuel O. Ngoke, the Knight of the Roman Catholic Church also spoke in an interview with Inside Eleme. Hear him: “When you talk about mothers, they have taken part to nurture and care for people. Today is their day, and it is necessary for everyone born of a woman to honour them, give them all that is required and support them.

And my advice to the women executives is that they should realize that leadership is a call to service and as the Eleme people will likely say: ‘A leader is a waste bin’, what this implies is that they are expected to get used to any challenges thrown at them. And to the body of Christ, they should see the service of God as something that is very essential and paramount”, he advised.

Highpoints of the event were the Egg race, Sack race, drinking competition and march pass involving the four parish communities that were present which are Alesa, Agbonchia, Alode and Aleto.

At the end of all the competitions, Agbonchia came 4th with a total score of 120 points, Alesa came 3rd with a total score of 136.6 points, Aleto came 2nd with a total score of 150 points while Alode Community was pronounced and awarded the winner of the day’s event with a total score of 157.3 points.

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