“Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” Ephesians 5:16


he poorest man on earth is not the man without money but the one who places no value on time.

Time is money. Time is a valuable asset with which we can transact and produce money. The world is run on natural and spiritual laws and principles. One of the chief principle is the principle of time and its management. Once that is out of order, many other things will be out of place.

Time is an equal commodity which comes to both the rich and the poor. There is no variation as to what amount of it is given to a person every waking day. All men are given equal shares of twenty four hours as long as they live on our planet.

It is my conviction that when people pray for financial harvest or harvest of favour, what God gives them is the seed of time with which they can go and produce their own harvest.

Time is an unusual commodity which cannot be frozen and cannot be carried forward. You can only use it as it comes. The second, minute or hour you have dedicated to the reading of this material cannot be replicated, it can only be used now.

Every second you lose is a second that is gone for eternity. Time can never be retained, returned or topped up. It is always a thing you have to either use or lose. It is more or less money with a time span. If not spent, it expires.

If anyone wanted to steal your time they would require your permission to carry out such action.

Time is the key difference between the successful and the failure. It is what marks why two people start life together and one ends up rich and the other poor.

The greatest currency in our world is not the American dollar, the British pound, the European euro, the Nigerian naira, the Ghanaian cedi or the South African rand. The greatest currency is the currency of time.

Time has no geographical boundary. That makes it applicable in any nation. Those who wake up in Australia this morning and the people who live in the Amazon jungle of Brazil have an equal share of time.

The future we talk about always arrives in seconds. So if it is lost, it is a tremendous loss. It is a tragedy that between every sunrise and sunset people lose golden hours. Yet imagine what a precious hour is made of. Sixty special minutes and each minute encrusted with precious seconds, sixty precious seconds. When it is lost it is gone forever.

Jesus spoke on the importance of time when He said,

But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work John 5:17

Pressure comes when people do not know how to manage time and have to do so much within such a small time.

Failure comes when people do not recognize the special time of life which they are in so that they are able to achieve all the vision they have for life.

Pressure increases when you do not put value on the time you have on your hands and recognize it as a great gift from God.

New clothes, cars and other possessions can be bought or replaced but time cannot be recaptured. Many aspects to the human life can only be experienced once. You can only be a child for one season of life. Youthfulness is only during that period of life. However once you begin to check how you manage time, you can make a difference to your own life and you can go very far with what you do with every twenty-four hour time frame.

The management of time is the putting of value on the time on your hand and making significant decisions, carrying out significant assignment so that you have something for each second to keep in store for you.

Of all the skills a man must acquire, the management of time is  paramount. Time management is the recognition that a person’s attitude to time will determine if they are classified as strong or weak, achievers or non-achievers, poor or wealthy, smart or foolish.

Solomon said,

The rich and the poor meet together, the Lord is the maker of them all.  

Proverb 22:2

This statement clearly shows that God made all mankind but their management of time determines where they end up, whether rich or poor.

The management of time and life is the recognition that the whole of life does not arrive in one go and therefore your ability to manage sixty seconds, one hour, twenty-four hours, one month all add up to make up a life

It is the recognition that the breaking of each day introduces one to certain quantity of time. That quantity of time is given to all mankind in equal portions, whether it is the executive who has to manage a multi-national company or the one who sits in a corner of the world dreaming his life away.

Between every sunrise and sunset there are those twenty-four hours. The management of time and life is to know that whether you live seventy or eighty years it does not all arrive in one go. It comes gradually.

If a man will live up to seventy years, he will need to know that twenty five years of those seventy years will be spent sleeping. If he were sleeping eight hours a day. Eighteen years would be spent in school and five years eating.

Without having to account for the time spent in travels and at work, those three major activities have already taken forty-eight years of the man’s total life.

The management of time and life is important. Time is the chief commodity you have to sell to employees to make money, or to those who need your services.

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